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Etsy sweaters

Sweater season, worn with Marc Jacobs cutoffs. New in my etsy shop.


I suspect this would be a disaster in practice, but maybe not. 
Maybe huaraches on wheels are exactly what I need.
"Tougher than Leather" skateboard by Greece is for Lovers.

Etsy alas

Looking at sold items is asking for heartbreak:
Quilted vintage Valentino skirt from mascarajones.

Coloring books

From top: by Stefan Marx, Ingo Giezendanner, Akinori Oishi at Rollo Press.

YSL Arty

Kicking myself for not getting these YSL 'Arty' rings while they were still available.
UPDATE: eBay hooray!


I didn't know what my dream sofa looked like until I saw this.
de Sede DS-1025 via architonic.

Bruno Levy shirts

Cotton shirts with ink patterns hand drawn by Bruno Levy at I Don't Like Mondays.

David Burdeny

Stephan Balleux

"The Midsummer Marriage" (2009), "sinking/raising" (2007) by Stephan Balleux.

Irving Penn x Issey Miyake

Another book, I know, but Irving Penn's death reminded me that
I was horribly remiss in my earlier list of the most influential books on my life.
Penn's photos of Issey Miyake's designs (1975- 1998) completely changed my personal aesthetic.

Wayne White

Wayne White, Maybe Now I'll Finally Get the Respect I So Richly Deserve.
First saw his work in pics of Todd Oldham's genius country home.
UPDATE: Turns out he worked on the creative team for Pee-wee's Playhouse!

Rafael Rozendaal

Ink drawings by Rafael Rozendaal.
ALSO: Color flip (2007), Fatal to the Flesh (2004), Future physics (2007), 25 minutes to go (2004)

Anna Wintour

Holy crap, she looks amazing.

Three books

Air Guitar is probably one of three books that most changed my life,
the others being Slouching Towards Bethlehem and Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung,
but the only time I was in a room with Dave Hickey, I walked out on the lecture
and went to eat onion rings with J. instead, and it was the right decision.

Just reread this interview in The Believer:
"I think you want to learn about art because you had an experience of some sort — a totally nonredemptive but vaguely exciting experience, like brushing up against a girl with big boobs in the subway."
"Never confess, never explain, never apologize, and never complain."


All I want to wear these days is mismatched solid colors.
Vintage silk top, Quail shorts, Tara Subkoff shoes.


Tattoos by Amanda Wachob that look like brushstrokes. 
I can imagine a variation of this being totally amazing.


This necklace is really speaking to me.

Cable knit

Nothing does it for me this time of year like oversize cable-knit sweaters.
By Stolen Girlfriends Club via Isaac Likes.


If I were a teenager again, I would totally stalk Kate and Laura Mulleavy.